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Wired Family Members

Gordon Usticke
Pan Ruzzi
Erica Bodwell
Jordan Bodwell
Matthew Bodwell
John Usticke

Luke Usticke

Demetre Usticke

Adrianna Usticke

Levi Usticke

Avery Usticke

Alec Usticke (Web Page)
Jill Usticke (Web Page)
Saffy Usticke

Liam Usticke

Caitlyn Usticke (Web Page)
Dennis Sherman
Roxanna Usticke
Alex Shinall

Aaron Keppel

Janna Steinman

David Steinman (Web Page)

Jolie Jacobs
Lisa Conlon
Alison Matera
Jerry Guadagno

Christina Andersen


For relatives of Alec or Jill, if you would like your own usticke.org email address and/or web page, please email Alec.

The Usticke Name

Cornwall by CornishlightThe ancient name of "Usticke" goes back to a time when surnames were not well established and hardly used. Most people in the Middle Ages were referred to by a first or Christian name and a qualifier that referred to a relationship to a person or to a place of origin. Thus, we have such identifiers as "John, son of Robert" or "Jesus of Nazareth." The name "Usticke" is derived from the latter method.

The family subsequently known as "Usticke" is reputed to have originated in Cheshire, England and records of the name were first recorded in the fifteenth and sixteenth century in Cornwall, England. The family's place of origin was within the Parish of St. Just in Cornwall. Thus, the first part of the surname was established, "Ust". Why the "J" was dropped is unknown by this writer but was probably due to the method of pronouncing St. Just at that time. The suffix "icke" is used in England, along with "wich", "wick", "ick", to mean, "from the place of." This is the origin of such names as "Sandwich", "Hartwick" or "Merrick."

As we can see the name "Usticke" is quite English although in the United States it is often mistakenly thought to be Slavic. "Usticke" is one of the few family names extant that written records with the name can be found all the way back to the early Middle Ages. As the community of St. Just is quite small and unique, one can be quite sure that anyone with that surname, gained by genetic descent, can trace their origin back to the ancient family of "Usticke" from the Parish of St. Just in Cornwall, England.

See also the blog post 'Why is my name Usticke?'.

The Usticke Coat of Arms

Usticke Coat of Arms

Nowell-Usticke Armorial Bearings: Quarterly 1 and 4, counter-quartered i. and iiii. gules, on a bend embattled counter-embattled, between two plain cotises or, three eagles displayed of the field (for Usticke); ii. and iii. per fesse argent and sable, a fesse engrailed counterchanged between a sword in chief, point upwards, and another in base, point downwards proper (for Nowell); 2 and 3 per bend sinister dovetail or and sable, six martlets within a bordure, all counterchanged (for Beauchant). Upon an escutcheon is placed a helmet befitting his degree, with a mantling gules and or; and for his Crests, 1. upon a wreath of the colours, a demi-eagle displayed gules, gorged with a plain collar and pendent there from an escutcheon or, charged with a water-bouget sable (for Usticke); 2. upon a wreath of the colours, a dexter arm embowed in armour, grasping a sword proper, between the antlers of a stag sable (for Nowell); 3. upon a wreath of the colours, on a mount vert, in front of rays of the sun proper, a martlet sable, holding in its beak an acorn slipped, also proper (for Beauchant). Motto: "Semper paratus" (Always prepared)

Usticke Genealogy

Alec's father compiled a lot of genealogical information about the Usticke family going back a few centuries. His father was Gordon Wright Nowell-Usticke born September 9, 1894.

Lois Saleeba from Melbourne, Australia has an impressive web site with her family tree. Our line of descent is Nowell-Usticke, but it does not include people born after 1910.

On Jill's side, her first cousin, once removed Dan McNeil has created the web site, A Thomas & Sarah Jane Horler Legacy. The Gale page includes lots of pictures of Jill and her family. (His web site is no longer available, but links have been updated to the Internet Archive Wayback Machine.)

Further information on Jill's family can be found on the Cosh Family History and Tree.

Usticke Internet Domains


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