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Contact Information

Email: alec@usticke.org

Yahoo! Messenger: austicke

AOL Instant Messenger (AIM): austicke

Google Talk: alec.usticke@gmail.com

Windows Live Messenger (MSN): alec@usticke.org

Skype: austicke

Web Sites

Alec Usticke on Facebook

In addition to the sites above that I manage, I'm active on the following web sites.


Old Email Addresses

I have owned this domain and the email address alec@usticke.org since 1996, but I previously used the following addresses:

  • uncleowen@aol.com
  • uncleowen@delphi.com
  • tzuk34a@prodigy.com
  • 103244.1441@compuserve.com
  • uncleowen@msn.com
  • uncowen@nai.net / uncowen@usa.nai.net
  • alec@mhv.net
  • usticke@newsguy.com / alec@newsguy.com


Where I've lived during my four decades.

1970 Schenectady, New York
1970 to 1972 Kingston, New York
1972 to 1974 West Hurley, New York
1974 to 1980 Kingston, New York
1980 to 1988 Catskill, New York
1988 to 1992 Newburgh, New York
1992 to 1996 Bristol, Connecticut
1996 to 1998 Newburgh, New York
1998 to 2000 Tarrytown, New York
2000 to 2006 Sleepy Hollow, New York
2006 to present Peekskill, New York

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