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2001 & 2002

In early March, Aunt Terry, Anne Marie and her sister, Daul and I made a trip to California. Aunt Terry was visiting Daul and us. We decided this would be a good time to visit California where Aunt Terryís ageing brother lived in Palmdale, and her other brotherís recently widowed wife and family lived in Stockton, California.

We also planned to visit the magnificent Yosemite Valley and did manage to get some good pictures. For me this was a special trip as it has been forty-six years since Iíve been in California, having lived there from 1953 to 1956. One good thing about living out here is that our visitors can get to see some spectacular sights and enjoy the fine sunny climate we have. As I write this in the middle of May, the sun is shining brightly and the temperature is in the mid nineties.

In December of last year when Christina came, we spent several days visiting Santa Fe and Taos, New Mexico. Susan, Anne Marieís niece, visited in mid April. She also spent time visiting Las Vegas and Bryce and Zion National Parks in Utah. To all in our extended family please know that you always have a place to stay if you wish to visit. Christina also came out to spend Motherís day with Anne Marie.

For our trip to California, we all drove in Daulís RV. We passed through the Mojave Desert, the most desolate land Iíve ever seen. We got to see Edwards Air Force Base, where all the top secret rockets and aircraft are tested. It was fun to come across the actual Twenty Mule-Team Road where Borax is mined. Last and not least, we drove through Selma, the raisin capital of the world where the grape vines filled the view to the horizon.

The road into Yosemite is filled with twists and turns. The road had recently opened, and snow covered the banks of the road. You catch only glimpses of the mountains as the tall pines and redwoods along the road obscure your view. Then you come upon a long tunnel the walls of which are hewed from the bare rock. As you exit the tunnel the magnificent Yosemite Valley looms in all its grandeur before you framed as if it were a painting by a sublime master.

When I first visited Yosemite almost fifty years ago, I felt it was the most beautiful spot on earth. I still think so and am pleased to share some pictures of Yosemite along with some from other visits.

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Taos Pueblo In December

Susan Fresn

With Terry's Brother's Family

Ralph & Terry

Yosemite Valley

Bridal Veil Falls

Anne Marie & Half Dome

Gordon & Anne Marie with the Falls

Sisters & Falls

Half Dome

Aunt Terry at Yosemite

Gordon & Anne Marie

Mom & Daughter

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